Tata Steel to follow ‘agile working models’ policy

After trying out the policy for a year, it will be reviewed based on feedback and adaptability


The new work model Tata Steel has announced for its employees will make it possible for them to work from home for up to 365 days. The ‘agile working models’ policy is being tried out for a year, w.e.f November 1. It will be undergo a review after a year, on the basis of the feedback received and how adaptable and feasible it is.

As per the new models, officers can choose to work from home for as long as they want. Once normalcy returns, they can opt to work from any location of their choice in India.

The introduction of these agile models is expected to fulfil the needs of the new generation of diverse employees from across geographies. This level of flexibility allows employees the freedom to work from a suitable location, from where they can even look after their ageing parents or other elderly at home. It will bring a lot of hope and relief to persons with disabilities, presenting more opportunities to them. It is hoped to be especially beneficial for new parents who have to struggle with managing professional work and childcare. The new policy is aimed at ensuring work-life balance.

At first 10 per cent of the white-collar staff will be trying out these agile models, and later, 30 per cent will follow the same.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is also part of the Tata Group, has already announced that 75 per cent of global workforce will work from home permanently by 2025.

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