Times Internet claims to have achieved 100% gender pay equality


The digital media company has been certified by an independent agency.

Times Internet, with an employee strength of 5000 people across eight cities, claims to have achieved 100 per cent gender pay equality.

To achieve the gender pay equality status, the digital media company began with a review of its compensation practices to eliminate any existing gender bias and discrepancies. Then, it switched to a simplified, online performance-appraisal system, which resulted in an open, fair and transparent process for all employees. Simultaneously, it also initiated diversity training workshops to help employees identify and eliminate conscious and unconscious gender bias.

Gautam Sinha, CEO, Times Internet, says, “We looked at diversity not as an obligation, but as a catalyst for new ideas, growth and innovation. Our vision is to create a culture of equality at the workplace, where diversity in all its forms, is celebrated and encouraged across all our businesses, functions and domains.”

Times Internet even got an independent agency to audit its pay equity and the results showed that there was no gap between female and male employees with respect to pay, rewards, and promotions at the company.

Sinha adds, “Pay equity is a huge issue across every industry in every country. We believe that each and every individual deserves respect and equal opportunities for growth. That is why, we worked towards creating a truly meritocratic work culture, wherein every employee is evaluated and rewarded solely on the basis of their work and performance, and nothing else.”

In the ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) last year, India was ranked a lowly 108 out of 144 countries on the gender equality scale. A report by the independent agency, Aon, shows that the overall gender pay gap across India Inc. is 24 per cent.

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