HR humanoid, K2, for Tech Mahindra

K2 will now handle all the routine HR transactions for the Company at its Hyderabad and NSEZ campuses.


Tech Mahindra, the digital transformation and business re-engineering services company, has introduced K2, the first human resource humanoid, at its Noida Special Economic Zone Campus. From now on, this humanoid, will take care of all the mundane, repetitive and tedious HR transactions. It will also help the HR personnel improve the employee experience. K2 has already been introduced in the Company’s Hyderabad campus in early June.

The humanoid is capable of initiating conversations without wake-up commands. Considering the needs of the specially abled, the AI-enabled K2 is equipped to respond to queries with text display along with speech. It is capable of resolving not just HR-related issues but also general employee queries and requests for payslips, forms, and so on. By taking over the routine work, K2 will allow HR the time to concentrate more on employee development and other important activities and programmes for the workforce.

K2 is a step in the right direction by Tech Mahindra— to use technology to improve and add more meaning and personal touch to employee experience, making it more ‘human’.

The Company will soon launch its next humanoid at its Pune campus. The K2 software will be further enhanced making it capable of communicating more effectively and conversing with more empathy and compassion.

The humanoid will be improved to be more mobile and spatially aware, so that it can engage with associates and not just remain unidirectional.

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