Pichai tells Googlers to spend time in making Bard better

The CEO of Google has realised that Bard’s rival, ChatGPT, is growing in popularity


After launching Bard in a rush, Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, has probably realised that there is stiff competition from rival ChatGPT, and that more work is required to enhance Bard.

Pichai has asked employees to spend at least two to four hours to test Bard, the AI-powered chatbot and help improve its technology and features.

The launch was not completely successful with Bard giving a wrong response during the presentation. Not only did this disaster cause stocks of Google to fall, but left investors and other stakeholders in a sweat.

Apparently, the chatbot gave a factually incorrect answer when it was asked to list new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope.

However, Pichai hopes that Google will continue to be a winner, irrespective of whether or not it is always the first to introduce a product. He called on the need to focus on fulfilling the needs and experience of the users even while keeping the technical foundation strong. He drew attention to the need to create a great product in a responsible manner.

The pressure to launch Bard in a hurried manner had reportedly resulted from Microsoft’s decision to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT in its search engine, Bing, and its browser, Edge.

Google intends to incorporate LaMDA, Bard’s fundamental technology into Google Search. It will respond to users’ queries / searches basis search engine optimisation or SEO. It will also offer another chatbox incorporating conversational results basis web results.

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