Dynamic working policy for staff of Fidelity International

The objective is to offer more flexibility so that they can balance home and office


Fidelity International will offer all its employees across the globe, more flexibility as part of a new ‘dynamic working’ policy, which will be effective immediately. The Company’s wishes to offer its employees a working environment which they will enjoy and where they feel valued.

The majority of Fidelity International’s staff will have the flexibility to manage their own working pattern — flexibility in terms of where they work and when they work. Although some of the roles are location dependent or require pre-defined hours, driven by client needs, this new way of working will give employees as much flexibility as possible. However, the Company’s offices will remain important centres of community, collaboration, creativity and learning.

Anne Richards, CEO, Fidelity International, admits that over the last year, they have learned that they “can adapt brilliantly as individuals and as teams and run our business in a way that we never imagined possible.”

Richards shares that the “employees have told us that they value having more choice and flexibility with regard to where and when they work. They also want the opportunity to meet their colleagues, learn from their peers and be part of the buzz of the office. Based on this feedback, we will continue to evolve our office spaces to give all employees the chance to come together and help foster creativity and collaboration. “Satisfied employees leads to satisfied clients. Therefore, we believe this is a real and positive step change for our people, our clients and our business. It is also an iterative process and we will continue to listen, learn and build on our experience from the last year.”

Fidelity International offers investment solutions and services and retirement expertise to more than 2.5 million customers globally.

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