Zomato announces 26 weeks paternity leave

Zomato is extending a warm hand to help their employees raise families.


Zomato will give 26 weeks paternity leave to all its employees, moreover it is going to be a global practice extending to all the countries where Zomato is present.

Daminee Sawhney, VP, HR and Operations declared this on a popular social media portal yesterday. She says, “In each country of our presence, we are going to offer a minimum of 26 weeks of paid leave to mothers – in some countries this will be paid by the government, in some cases, this will be partially or fully paid by the company; in countries where the mandated leave policy is more than 26 weeks, we will follow the local regulations.”

Thus, a Zomato worker irrespective of the country that she works in will get a minimum of 26 weeks paid leave. Moreover, the organisation is making strides by offering the same policy to fathers and partners (same sex or otherwise).

Sawhney declares, “Additionally, we are going to offer exactly the same paternal leave policy. This also applies to non- birthing parents such as cases of surrogacy, adoption, and same-sex partners. In addition, the new parents will be given an endowment of USD 1000 per child, to help support them in welcoming the new Zoman baby to this world.”

Keeping up with the times, where both parents share the responsibility to make ends meet, Zomato is extending a warm hand to help their employees raise families. Also, they are taking a giant step towards making their organisation more gender neutral.

Zomato is an online platform that provides information on restaurants, along with menus, pictures and reviews. One can also order food on the website and the mobile app, delivery is free.

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