Zydus rewards all employees with 25% bonus


All employees who were on the company’s payroll on July 31, and are still on it, will be part of this reward programme, which will also include FTEs and contract workers.

All employees, across levels, at Zydus Cadila will get 25 per cent of their monthly salary as bonus. This initiative is to recognise their efforts in achieving targets in the first half of the year.

Employees who were on the company’s payroll on July 31, will be part of this reward programme, provided they are still with the organisation. Ensuring the spirit of fairness and inclusiveness, Zydus has also included all FTEs (fulltime employees) and contract workers in the programme.

An internal mail sent to the employees, says, “Our collective will, commitment and determination have transformed the organisation, and made it what it is today.”

The communication further said, “Our growth momentum began with ‘Resurge’ in 2014 and it continues its upward path even today with the organisation posting 100 per cent performance in the first half of the year.”

The company is all set to embark on a new mission of achievement — ZyNext 2020, and this gesture was to celebrate the past achievements and future goals.

The letter has been jointly signed by Pankaj R Patel, chairman, Zydus Cadila; Sharvil Patel, deputy managing director, and Ganesh Nayak, the COO of the company.


  1. i think this is second time in last five years. good going….We did the same when we had got ISO certification with our Company . we hve included all Employee including Driver, garden workers etc. all casual labour too . employee who has joine one month before are also included…

  2. Great Initiative. Its as good as making employees as partners. Employee suffers when company does not do well. So why not, share its profits when its doing well, in this form. Such steps can easily bring the Attrition levels down and employee morale high.

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