10,000 tech jobs in Singapore by 2022

Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) will spearhead efforts to make Singapore a global technology hub.


The technology sector in Singapore is all set to create 10,000 jobs in three years under the aegis of Digital Industry Singapore (DISG), a new government office. The country is trying to become a hub for the technology industry in not just Asia but the world.

Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) will bring together efforts by many existing public bodies to encourage investment from foreign technology firms, support local business, and work with the industry to shape future policy. It will work towards developing consumer technology and enterprise technology.

With the help of significant grants and incentives, Singapore has been leaving no stone unturned to encourage and attract tech firms, investors and top talent, to improve the growth rates.

The new jobs that will be created will offer opportunities to engineers, software developers and those in the finance domain. Organisations in the financial technology space, cybersecurity area, and artificial intelligence (AI) will be the primary focus of DISG. Assistance will also be given by DISG to e-commerce and ride-hailing firms. It will work with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the industry and local education institutions to organise training programmes and also provide on-the-job training.

For years Singapore has been drawing foreign investors with its stable political scenario, low taxes and reliable legal systems. However, due to certain rumours organisations had lately started fearing that the country may not allow free speech and innovation.

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