Pawternity leave: Unique employee benefit scheme for dog lovers


A Scottish brewer firm, Brew-dog, has literally introduced a week-long paid leave for its staff to be able to bond with their new dogs well.

Keeping employees happy and productive needs extra efforts, and a few organisations are now going beyond the usual to do so. A Scottish brewery, Brewdog, has literally introduced a week-long paid leave for its staff to be able to bond with their new dogs well.

Pawternity leave is the company’s new staff benefit scheme guaranteed to be a hit with dog lovers the world over. Such schemes allow owners to squeeze in more bonding time with their puppies and pets away from work, getting them properly settled into their new homes.

The beer company, recently valued at £1bn, announced that any employee with a puppy or rescue dog will be entitled to one week’s paid leave. “We are introducing Puppy Parental Leave across our company,” said the company’s official blog post.

“Yes, having dogs in our offices makes everyone else more chilled and relaxed—but we know only too well that having a new arrival—whether a mewling pup or unsettled rescue dog — can be stressful for human and hound both. So we are becoming the first in our industry to give our staff a working week’s leave on us to help settle a new furry family member into their home,” the post added.

While Brewdog also lets employees bring their dogs to work, it is not the only company offering the holiday perk. Mars Petcare also offers pet-owning employees ten hours of paid leave, and the Manchester-based tech company, BitSol Solutions, has also followed suit, apparently offering a week’s paid leave to new pet owners.

In a bid to be the best company to work for, Brewdog extends this benefit to all its crewmembers across the globe, including those joining its ship stateside as part of BrewDog Columbus. Moreover, even its bars are dog friendly. “Every single one is dog friendly, so as our staff doesn’t have to leave their faithful friends behind you don’t need to either,” the company blog concludes.

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