Old Pension Scheme: Disgruntled Punjab govt staff hold massive protest rally

They are against restoration of the OPS as per the recent notification


To express their dissatisfaction with the recently-released notification for the restoration of the old pension scheme (OPS), a rally was held in Punjab by all the government employees. They gathered together to take out a mass rally on 24 November, 2022, in Chandigarh. The employees tore the copies of the notification during the rally held by the Sanjha Mulajam Manch Punjab and UT.

Earlier, the State government had initially announced its desire to return to the OPS in September, and had also issued a notification on 18 November for its implementation as well. However, owing to lack of clarity and details of the scheme and in the absence of standard operating procedures, employee unions decided to protest.

The president of the Punjab Civil Secretariat Employees’ Union, mentioned that the government notification was inappropriate and merely a meaningless written assurance. It was alleged that the notication was issued without amending the Civil Services Rules or giving the detailed pension policy. Also, no date has been given in the letter from which the old pension scheme is going to be implemented.

Additionally, the Morcha has demanded that the licence fee of houses be recovered as per the fixed rates prescribed by the UT government of Haryana or the Central government instead of five per cent. They want the letter issued on 15 January, 2015, to be withdrawn.

The assembly wants necessary amendments regarding the restoration of the old pension scheme followed by an immediate notification release, which will benefit the employees recruited after 2004.

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