“Revive daily/weekly incentive scheme”: Swiggy delivery personnel

The delivery executives of Swiggy are on strike protesting against the new pay structure


Swiggy, the food aggregator has been witnessing protests by its dissatisfied delivery personnel.

In Chennai, the delivery executives have been boycotting work seeking better remuneration.

The new pay structure has resulted in lower earnings for these delivery personnel.

They are protesting the fact that even with increased work hours they will be earning a lot less than they did earlier. They rue the fact that their shift timings have been extended while the pay scale remains the same. This leaves them no way of making any savings, and the daily and weekly incentives have been taken away too.

As per media reports, the delivery executives have to complete 30 order deliveries daily, which is a huge task, and can only be possible if they put in at least 17 hours of work. That means, their entire day will go into making deliveries.

The old pay structure was more convenient for the employees, as they were required to work for 12 hours daily and also received daily and weekly incentives. With the new regulations in place, the delivery executives are struggling to meet the cost of fuel and fulfil their domestic needs.

It is reported that earlier, part-time delivery personnel received about Rs 250 plus Rs 125 as incentive daily, while the full-time agents earned Rs 475 plus Rs 250 as incentive, which they were able to easily achieve in half the number of deliveries that the new system demands.

The striking employees are also seeking enhanced health insurance cover.

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