1-year experience in private sector must for Goa govt job

This change in the recruitment process will ensure more efficient staff and good performers across government departments


Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on 8 November, at the inauguration of a two-day mega job fair in Goa, that job seekers desirous of a government job will first have to work in the private sector for at least a year. They will be required to produce proof of that experience before applying for a job in the State government.

The Goa government is altering the 30-year old recruitment rules in the State. In future, the individual departments in the Government will not be allowed to follow their own hiring processes. The recruitment process across the State government will be handled by a common Staff Selection Committee set up for the purpose. Jobs will be given to those who clear the competitive exams and tests organised by the State Selection Committee, basis their performance. Therefore, aspirants will have to apply to the Staff Selection Committee only and not directly to the government departments.

The move, it is expected, will result in experienced and skilled manpower across the government departments. This will also put an end to the common practice of MLAs and ministers recommending people for jobs.

At the event, the chief minister also mentioned how it has become necessary to sift out the underperforming and inefficient employees across the government departments and that about 20 per cent of government employees are inefficient.

Meanwhile, the Mega Job Fair, which was organised under the aegis of the Labour and Employment Department, saw overwhelming participation on the very first day. It is reported that over 19,000 candidates registered by afternoon, and almost 5,500 were hired by more than 150 organisations/employers.

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