Hackers targeting LinkedIn users with fake job offers

With unemployment at a peak, desperate job seekers are the latest victims for hackers


Apparently LinkedIn users have started receiving direct messages with fake job offers. A Zip file that comes attached with the offer contains a hidden malware that allows hackers to control the user’s device.

With desperate job seekers likely to grab offers even from unknown sources, they end up being victims.

The e-mails carry a rather convincing and personalised job offer, because they are based on information /data picked from the victims’ LinkedIn profiles. These customised job offers are a sureshot bait amidst these challenging times. If the offer is opened, a backdoor malware process called ‘more_eggs’ is installed in the user’s device breaching security. Since the malware is fileless, it is not easily detected by anti-virus or security tools or software.

Once the malware makes a place in the victim’s device, it is in a position to take and process orders from the hacking group, called Golden Chicken. The Group has been known to rent devices to be used for any wrong purpose or activity. What is more dangerous is that the hackers may not be using this malware themselves, but selling this to other cyber fraudsters as MaaS or malware as a service, who can conduct their own hacking operations.

Experts advise that the best way to protect onself is to avoid opening jobs offers that appear too good and perfectly tailor made. Also, it is best not to open any of the .zip files that are received on direct message.

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