48% of global IT talent is into IT analysis & management

As per a report, 16% of global IT talent is required for system/IT administration


In the information technology (IT) sector, it is now expected that a generalist should possess expertise in various new tools, including NoSQL database and cloud administration tools etc. No wonder generalist roles are becoming more complex than ever before. So what are the in-demand skills in the subfunctions of IT?

While 48 per cent of the global IT talent is deployed in IT analysis and management, 16 per cent is required for system/IT administration and four per cent for database administration, says a tech skills transformation report.

In system/IT administration, the key tech skills required in the OS administration subfunction are Windows system, Linux system and Cloud administration. Network administration and security administration are the key skills required in the network and security subfunction. Scripting and automation primarily require Bash/ Shell scripting and Python scripting skills. Access Administration requires identity and access management skills mainly. Computer language requires Java, JavaScript, Python and C++ skills.

Under database administration, the subfunction of database management requires the key tech skills of SQL database management and NoSQL database management.

When it comes ot IT analysis and management, the subfuction of project management requires the following key tech skills — Agile and Scrum, Waterfall and Kanban. Reporting, however, requires the talent to be skilled in Excel, Tableau and PowerBI.

Interestingly, IT support roles constitute 36 per cent of the global IT talent. Skills and tools in IT support are mainly about the applications and tools the IT professionals are supporting. Therefore, there is no defined set of skills/tools in IT support.

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