Communication ranks 1 in ‘top 10 consumed business skills’

Project management and leadership come in second and third


It is true that there are certain key business skills that employees require, irrespective of the role they are essaying or the level at which they are in the organisational hierarchy. According to a report, learners today are attaching a lot of importance to communication, highlighting the significance of alignment, collaboration, teamwork, conflict mitigation and enabling productivity.

Five out of the top 10 consumed business skills are focussed on methods of communication or leadership skills. These are, communication skills; leadership; business communication; meetings; and management skills.

The other five skills are those pertaining to project management, operations and tools —project management; agile; scrum, project management professional (PMP) certification and business analysis.

The talent to manage complex projects and the technology that facilitates the same is also witnessing growth. With the hybrid model of work, there is lesser chance of teams being able to sit together at a table regularly. Therefore, more effort will have to be put in to track the progress of projects and ensure that everyone is updated, accountable and on the same page.

Communication will always be essential to keep the team together and function as one. Without communication, leadership will be powerless. Goals will be ambiguous, decisions will remain unexplained and customers will be unhappy or dissatisfied. Given the pace at which the corporate world is moving, especially in a hybrid landscape, organisations and their employees cannot afford to be misunderstood. Communication, in the form of team meetings, mails, presentations and so on, is the most in-demand business skill.

Teams involved in driving product growth and working towards improving profit margins need to stay organised and improve alignment to be able to achieve their targets. Not surprisingly, therefore, the discipline of project management is witnessing the second greatest level of consumption, with more professionals studying Agile and Scrum.

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