Everyone loves the recruiter’s call


91 per cent of Indian professionals are interested in learning about job openings, and 46 per cent ‘feel flattered’ when they hear from recruiters.

LinkedIn just released a report ‘Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidates’, that helps discern the behaviours, motivations, and preferences of professionals looking for jobs in India. The report that revealed that compensation is one of the major reasons why people switch jobs, empowers employers with data-driven insights on how talent is approaching opportunities and the various stages of the job-switching journey.

The report interestingly discloses that most Indian professionals want to hear about new job opportunities — 91 per cent of Indian professionals are interested in learning about job openings, and 46 per cent ‘feel flattered’ when they hear from recruiters. This trend continues from last year, wherein 90 per cent Indian professionals expressed that they are keen to hear about new career openings. 

Higher compensation remains the main reason why people are likely to change their jobs, with 45 per cent respondents stating the same.  Additionally, 37 per cent expressed their keenness in knowing the salary range during the interview process. Intrinsic motivators also remain important, with 40 per cent of professionals admitting that better skills and interest fit will make them switch jobs, while 32 per cent of professionals stated better growth opportunities will make them do so.  

According to the report, professionals are likely to stay with organisations that offer growth, recognition and work–life balance. Growth prospects and opportunities are the key motivators for Indian professionals to continue working at an organisation. The top three reasons why they would like to continue working with a company were: Opportunities to challenge oneself and upskill (62 per cent), good work–life balance (42 per cent), and an optimistic future for the company (37 per cent).

“Candidates today want the same recruiting experience from companies that they get from brands” says Irfan Abdulla, director-talent solutions & learning solutions, LinkedIn India and South Asia. “Personalised service in the way they are treated, insight into the company’s purpose and better value in the form of salary and career growth are important considerations when making a job switch. Employers need to ensure that they are authentic in building their employer brand and are amplifying their story on their social and digital channels”, he adds.

According to the report, Indian professionals are also motivated by a sense of purpose as 55 per cent of them are motivated to pursue opportunities that match both their personal and professional interests. Furthermore, 52 per cent are interested in learning about the perks and benefits that come with the role and 45 per cent want to work for a company they have always admired.

A high percentage of professionals use social media and digital platforms to look up job opportunities. Company websites (48 per cent) and professional networks, such as LinkedIn (44 per cent) are the most preferred platforms for Indian professionals to research new opportunities before applying.

While preparing for an interview, 49 per cent of candidates visit company websites, 47 per cent use search engines, and 35 per cent use professional networks, such as LinkedIn to learn about the company and its employees, and the position being offered.  As per the report, social media is used by 63 per cent of professionals to follow companies and stay aware of jobs.

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