Has the pandemic inspired Indian Millennials, GenZ, to be more responsible, sympathetic, compassionate?

The Deloitte Survey reveals that, compared to their global counterparts, Indian Millennials and Gen Z have learned to be more sympathetic and responsible towards themselves and their community, after the pandemic


The pandemic has affected each and every one of us, albeit in different ways. Some effects have been truly positive. For instance, it is heartening to know that Millennials and GenZ in India truly feel for the world and are willing to do their bit for sustainability and positivity, now more than ever before. They seem to have gained inspiration from the pandemic to do something to improve their own lives and of those around them.

Inspiration: Deloitte’s Millennial and GenZ Survey 2021 for India, reveals that 91 per cent Indian Millennials and 84 per cent GenZ have admitted to being inspired by the pandemic to take positive steps to improve their own lives. In comparison, globally, only 71 per cent Millennials and 70 per cent GenZ have been inspired to do anything.

Togetherness: A whopping 91 per cent Indian Millennials and 85 per cent GenZ say they truly felt that people all around the world were “in this together”. In comparison, globally, only 63 per cent Millennials and 60 per cent GenZ felt the same.

Positive action: The pandemic prompted a significant 89 per cent Indian Millennials and 82 per cent GenZ to take measures and actions that would affect their community in a positive manner. Globally, however, only 59 per cent Millennials and 59 per cent GenZ did something for their community.

Sympathy: A good 88 per cent Indian Millennials and 79 per cent GenZ became more sympathetic towards the needs of others in their local community. Globally, the pandemic made only 69 per cent Millennials and 68 per cent GenZ more sympathetic.

Compassion: While 58 per cent Indian Millennials and 53 per cent GenZ feel that people have more compassionate towards each other due to the pandemic, only 43 per cent global Millennials and 40 per cent global GenZ share the same feeling.

Responsibility: While 58 per cent Indian Millennials and 49 per cent Indian GenZ are sure that Businesses have exhibited an increased sense of responsibility after the pandemic, the figures are lower for Miellanials and GenZ globally, at 34 and 38 per cent respectively.

Cooperation: Fifty-six per cent of Indian Millennials and 53 per cent Indian GenZ feel that the pandemic has led to increased cooperation between countries. However, globally, only 36 per cent Millennials and 39 per cent GenZ share the same thought.

Commitment: More Indian Millennials (53 per cent) and GenZ (55 per cent) believe that people’s commitment to take personal action for environmental and climate issues has changed for the better. In comparison, globally, only 37 per cent Millennials and 40 per cent GenZ feel the same.

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