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The case of diversity in board rooms

According to a Deloitte report on women’s representation on the boards, Norway scores the highest and Qatar the least. The business world has witnessed big...

‘Impact Day’ develops people- management skills in Deloitte employees

Deloitte recently concluded its 17th annual Impact Day 2019. This programme gives an opportunity to its employees to volunteer for different projects, which can...

Josh Bersin Academy ropes in SV Nathan and PV Murthy as...

SV Nathan, partner & chief talent officer, Deloitte, and PV Ramana Murthy, EVP & global head of HR, Taj Hotels, have been appointed as...

Rani Desai quits Deloitte as chief learning officer

Rani Desai, who was the chief learning officer at Deloitte, has co-partnered with a five year old company, Centre of Strategic Mindset (COSM). As the...

From skill-match to mind-match: Redefining recruitment with AI

Attrition is one of the most common issues grappling HR heads across industries. However, attrition itself is not the issue. While it is just...

Deloitte to expand Hyderabad workforce by 40,000

Accounting organisation and global provider of professional consultancy services, Deloitte, is all set to add 40,000 employees to its already 40,000 strong workforce at...

Deloitte India – Making an impact in employees’ lives through impact...

Nathan SV, partner and chief talent officer, Deloitte India, shared his experience when he enrolled for his organisation’s employee community service initiative known as...

Exit interviews: Do them right, suggest HR mavens

Exit Interviews aren’t a new fad. Getting it right is the key. Here is how to relook at the signing off ceremony.

Why shouldn’t sportspersons be part of the diversity agenda of corporates

Integration of sportspersons is successful only if they are able to play a meaningful role in the organisation.

What’s the fuss about non-fraternisation policy?

What prevents Indian companies from formulating a guideline to include the ‘significant others’? HRKatha finds out.

Loyalty of millennials and Gen Z towards business declines further: Deloitte

Among Millennials in India, 47 per cent envision leaving their jobs within two years, and only 24 per cent are looking to stay beyond five years.

Symphonic C-suite: It’s not lonely at the top anymore

It is the latest leadership model that helps leaders understand, manage, and respond to the new-age, complex social capital issues.

4th Industrial Revolution: What’s your talent programme?

Most executives are not confident enough about being in possession of the right talent to succeed in Industry 4.0.

Deloitte acquires analytics tool for employee rewards optimisation

The tool can help clients learn about employee preferences and plan reward programmes accordingly.

Accenture, Deloitte, P&G, Schneider among Best Companies for Women in India...

The Study, by Working Mother in partnership with the AVTAR Group, aims to identify the best practices and policies followed by companies for increasing women’s workforce participation

Case Analysis: Are employee referral policies fair enough?

Industry leaders share their perspectives on a case that involves glitches in the employee referral process.

How absurd! What’s your greatest weakness?

Weaknesses are contextual. So, why do recruiters still ask this futile question?

Out of 9,009 directors in NSE-listed companies only 597 are women

A joint study by Deloitte, BCIC and TISS reveals that corporate India has failed to identify and nurture the right women talent for directorship.

Bad appraisal? Fret not; make a smart move, not a desperate...

Experts across industries believe that a hasty decision taken under the impact of a dissatisfactory appraisal may not be a wise thing to do.

‘Who follows what’ between talent & industries

Time and again this chicken and egg situation has forced organisations to rethink their business and talent strategies.

Obituary: Deloitte’s former chief people officer, Dhananjay Bansod’s journey meets a...

Bansod met with an accident while boarding a train in Mumbai and breathed his last on the way to the hospital.

Spire, EdGE, Co Cubes & Exult make it to Deloitte’s Technology...

Fast50 ranks the fastest growing technology companies in India based on their percentage revenue growth over the last three financial years.

What makes Accenture, Deloitte, Cummins, EY, IBM, HUL amongst the best...

The top 10 among the 100 best, and here is what makes them stand out.

Deloitte India adopts Adrenalin’s HCM for integrated talent management

Deloitte India is moving to provide a world class talent experience enabled by technology and digitisation through Adrenalin HCM.

Prabir Jha, Anuranjita Kumar, Nathan SV top the HR Power Profiles

LinkedIn Power Profiles 2016 is a celebration of members who are not only great at what they do, but have also invested in their professional identity on LinkedIn

Sheen Akkara joins CMS as CHRO

Akkara moves in from Nielsen where he was executive director, human resources-India & South Asia.

Is corporate India ready to hire mediocre?

The basic hiring strategy and talent requirement is different for the private and public sectors. In such a scenario, are they ready to drink from the same pool?

Prepare to redesign organisational structure: Deloitte

The digital world of work is forcing radical changes in organisational structures and talent strategies.

Vikram Bector joins Cipla as chief talent officer & head corporate...

Bector quit Reliance Industries, early this month, where he was chief talent officer

Godrej wakes up to ‘Agile Working’

Globally, agile working is the new fad now. There are two aspects of this trend—workforce agility and operational agility.

Accenture to simplify its performance review system

Global employers, such as Microsoft, Deloitte, Adobe, Medtronic and Gap have also transformed their performance-review processes.


A memorable exit

A strong exit programme is as critical for an organisation as an induction programme.



The best laid L&D plans begin with competency mapping and performance...

Growth-oriented business organisations demonstrate high degrees of agility, which keeps them in the fast lane. They are quick to change and are able to...

Employee Benefits & Engagement


How to keep women professionals engaged

How to keep women professionals engaged

Organisations need to focus on ensuring that their women do not quit. Looks like women are quitting their jobs at a faster rate than men....

A cognitively diverse workforce is also a highly engaged one

The importance of hiring candidates who fit into the organisation’s culture is a topic that has been discussed by HR professionals for ages. Organisations...

How meetings can be made interactive and engaging

Many an employee has complained about boring meetings at the workplace. In fact, meetings are rarely looked forward to, especially if they happen very...


Vodafone Idea’s Ranjan Mishra joins Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf has appointed Ranjan Mishra as HR director, India. He will oversee all people operations in India, encompassing commercial business, shared services and...

Job hopping: A boost for career growth?

While a job hopping may be seen as unstable and fickle by some, it does provide financial growth and exposure. There are two kinds of...
How to keep women professionals engaged

How to keep women professionals engaged

Organisations need to focus on ensuring that their women do not quit. Looks like women are quitting their jobs at a faster rate than men....

Barclays to lay off 100 senior employees

In a bid to cut costs, Barclays, the British lender, is expected to lay off about a 100 senior employees. It is reported that...



“Archaic HR processes force millennials to switch jobs often,” Niti Khosla, lead people analytics...

Friendly and jolly Niti Khosla, lead-people analytics and business impact, Novartis International, is a true HR leader with the ability to understand people and...

“Traditional organisations use ‘startups’ as proxy to build an agile organisation,” Rahul Garg, founder,...

Moglix offers a variety of products from safety and electronics to office tools. The Company aims to make an impact worth $100 billion dollars...

“A true leader is not dependent on title or designation,” Dwarakanath

It was a Friday afternoon, when the HRKatha team got the opportunity to meet a man who is not just a recognised leader but...