India to witness a boost in the Gig Workforce by 2025: Report

About 58 per cent of the surveyed employers estimated 90-110 lakh growth in the gig workforce by 2025


According to a report released on Wednesday, there will likely be 90–110 lakh new recruits to the gig workforce by 2025 as more and more businesses choose to engage workers on a project basis. If the source is to be believed, job roles like door delivery is the most prevalent gig role employers are looking for.

The report is based on a survey of 550 employers and 750 gig workers across various gig app companies like personal care services, cleaning services, household or vehicle repairs, food and other delivery, and cab or two-wheeler-driving, HR consulting, retail, food and beverages, and so on.

The report reveals that 22 per cent of the employers are hiring for gig workers for food and 26 per cent are looking to hire for delivery purposes. Furthermore, 16 per cent of the employers were found to be hiring for household or vehicle repairs and maintenance and for cab or two-wheeler driving, 10 per cent are hiring for cleaning and 7 per cent for personal care service roles.

Gig workers are also as freelancers who work independently. Their tenure nature is generally short as they work with multiple clients. Reportedly, the gig economy has been one of the most significant economic transformations in a long time as it allows people to pick jobs as it fits their lifestyle. It allows them to choose when or how much they want to work, making money between jobs, stated by one of the global job portal.

The survey also discovered that the top three challenges for gig workers who have relocated outside of their hometown for employment are not understanding the local language (10%), not knowing English (32%) and not having access to job information (62%).

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