Mark Zuckerberg losing popularity among employees

The Facebook CEO’s position fell from no. 16 to 55 in the annual ranking of Top CEOs.


Employees at Facebook seem to like their CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, much less now. According to a survey by Glassdoor, for the very first time since 2013, Zuckerberg did not make it to the list of Top 20 CEOs, despite his employee approval rate being high.

The annual ranking of the top CEOs by Glassdoor this year, for its Employees’ Choice Awards, saw Zuckerberg dropping an alarming 39 spots. He fell from the 16th position to the 55th, which is clear proof of his diminishing popularity amongst his own staff.

At 94 per cent, his employee approval rating is still high, but lesser than last year, when it was 96 per cent. In 2013, Zuckerberg had occupied top position.

The plummeting popularity may be attributed to the Company being in the limelight lately for all the wrong reasons. In March last year, Facebook had been rocked by accusations that it had allowed a political research firm to access user data in order to create political advertisements during the elections.

With no change in the stock price of FB since January 2018, the rankings have been further hurt. After all, many employees receive stocks as part of their pay package.

Even Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, with his 94 per cent employee approval rating, was almost ten positions ahead of Zuckerberg at no. 46.

However, Zuckerberg remained ahead of Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, who occupied 69th position.

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