41% women in workforce now; up from 37% a decade ago

The percentage of women in sales has gone up from 36% to 39%


Women make up 41 per cent of the active workforce. Ten years ago, they made up only 37 per cent of the workforce. While there has been an improvement, it is clearly not a phenomenal one.

While women hold 74 per cent of administrative roles, they hold only 16 per cent of military roles, says the LinkedIn report on ‘Women in Sales: Top trends of female sales professionals’.

As per the data, maximum women are seen holding administrative roles, followed by healthcare roles (16 per cent). This is followed by community, government and education and legal roles in that order, with women holding 68, 66 and 58 per cent of these roles, respectively.

About 55 per cent of marketing roles are essayed by women, followed by 54 per cent in accounts and 53 per cent in media.

The real-estate domain sees 52 per cent women professionals, followed by research and purchasing with 43 per cent each, and finance with 42 per cent. Support comes next with 40 per cent women in this domain and 39 per cent each in consulting and sales roles.

About 34 per cent or lesser percentage of women professionals take up roles in management, quality assessment, business development, operations, entrepreneurship, information technology or engineering.

The least percentage of women is seen in the military (16 per cent).

As we go up the hierarchy, the number of women in senior roles dwindles. The lowest percentage of women is seen in vice president or CXO positions.

At the entry level, 47 per cent women hold positions in sales, while 48 per cent of women are seen across functions. At a senior level, 40 per cent women professionals exist across functions, with 41 per cent in sales. At the manager level, there are 34 per cent women, with 30 per cent as managers in sales itself. While 35 per cent women are directors in various functions, 30 per cent are directors in sales. About 26 per cent of women vice presidents exist, but only about 21 per cent women are VP-sales. At the CXO level, the figures are low too, with only about 21 per cent women holding such a high position and about 23 per cent holding CXO position in sales.

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