Top 10 skills that will get you hired in 2017


The most-in-demand top skills have been identified after analysing the recruiting activity on LinkedIn since January 2016.

LinkedIn, recently unveiled the top skills of 2016 – listing the most in-demand skills among Indian employers. These most sought-after skills have been identified after analysing the recruiting activity on LinkedIn since January, this year.

The Top 10 Skills of 2016 as per the analysis are:

1. Cloud and distributed computing

2. User interface design

3. Web architecture and development framework

4. Storage systems and management

5. Statistical analysis and data mining

6. Algorithm design

7. Network and information security

8. PR and communications

9. Economics

10. Public policy and international relations

As per the list, demands for software and IT skills continue to grow as compared to the list in 2015. Web architecture and development framework, which ranked eighth in 2015, has moved up to be ranked amongst the top three, for 2016. Public policy and international relations is a new skill that has emerged in the priority list for recruiters.

Along with technical skills, the demand for soft skills is also on the rise. LinkedIn’s ‘Hiring Managers Soft Skill Survey’ also revealed that 55 per cent hiring managers find it difficult to identify talent with soft skills as well as technical skills. Further, 76 per cent hiring managers stated that lack of soft skills in candidates impacts the company’s productivity. This sentiment was highest in India compared to other countries surveyed globally. Problem solving, communication and teamwork were found to be the most important soft skills that hiring managers looked for.

“Recruiters today are increasingly seeking well-rounded candidates — those having the necessary technical skills complemented with important soft skills. While availability of a large talent pool with specialised technical skills and a rich demographic dividend is a competitive advantage, there is a growing need to bridge the soft skills’ gap in the workforce.

To help job seekers gain the skills needed to secure the jobs they want, LinkedIn is now holding the Week of Learning from October 24–30, offering more than 5,000 courses — including courses that teach the top skills of 2016 — free of cost, to professionals.

With our top skills list and the ‘learning week’ initiative, we aim to assist Indian professionals acquire the most in-demand skills that can get them their dream jobs in today’s competitive landscape,” says Irfan Abdulla, director-talent solutions, LinkedIn India.

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