Retaining and engaging employees is not that difficult a task

A personal touch, among other factors, can work wonders.


Employees are a very demanding lot these days with minds of their own. Not surprisingly, it is becoming a challenge for employers to think of ways to keep them engaged. With studies proving that it is more economical to retain employees than to recruit, train and onboard them, it makes more sense for employers to hold on to their quality talent with all their might. But this is easier said than done. After all, the workforce of today looks for contentment beyond just a good salary package.

Here are some ways in which organisations can ensure their employees stay on with them and feel cared for.

Use a personal touch: Everyone likes to be appreciated or thanked. But making your appreciation or gratitude known via a mail does not have the same magic as a hand-written personal note of appreciation or thanks. Acknowledge employees for their performance personally, and preferably in the presence of the entire team.

Provide customised training: Each employee or individual is different. Therefore, the pace at which each individual learns or understands is also different. That is why, each new employee should be trained or inducted in the manner that she/he is comfortable with. This not only puts the new joinees at east but also instills in them a feeling of being protected and looked after from day one.

An organisation that cares for its employees is the most successful in retaining top talent. With Vantage Circle’s complete employee engagement suite, retain and engage your employees with the best perks; give recognition where its due and ensure the wellbeing of your employees.

Involve the employees in social work: People are always keen to do their bit for the society. However, given the hectic lifestyles of today, they find little time to indulge in charity work. Therefore, working for an organisation that has an active CSR wing gives the employees a chance to contribute towards social causes and charity.

Unearth the hidden issues: Find out how happy your employees are, but do it without them feeling guilty or threatened. Anonymous surveys are the best way to achieve this. Introduce ways for your employees to share their complaints and grievances anonymously. This instills a sense of belonging in the employees.

Provide special benefits: Believe it or not, but pet insurance seems to be a big draw for the new generation of employees. Similarly, day care facilities and reimbursement of tuition fees are some other benefits that attract job seekers, especially women.

Wellness programs: Today more than ever companies are offering employees wellness programs to improve quality of life and reduce stress-levels. A plethora of initiatives such as employing a wellness coach for employees, organising periodic yoga classes, having a gymnasium at the premises are there to choose from. The wellness culture becomes a part of an employee’s life at work and outside work too.

A comprehensive approach is essential towards creating a framework for employee engagement. A positive and psychologically safe culture, an opportunity to grow and develop one’s skills and an environment conducive to growth goes a long way in retaining and engaging employees.

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