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Rama Krishnan, senior director, engineering, Skillsoft talks about the Percipio Learning Experience Platform (LEP) and how it is playing the role of a game changer in the e-learning space for organisations across the globe.


Percipio is an open platform that enables organizations to access curated content including proprietary resources and assets from other sources. It has highly flexible deployment options and can operate on its own or be integrated with HRIS and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Rama Krishnan, senior director, engineering, Skillsoft talks about the Percipio Learning Experience Platform (LEP) and how it is playing the role of a game changer in the e-learning space for organisations across the globe.

For eager learners today, there are thousands of books available on virtually every topic and ample online content to satisfy their hunger to learn and gather knowledge. So where does Percipio fit within the learning ecosystem?

Percipio is an easy-to-use learning platform with a consumer-led design and intuitive interface enabling self-directed learners to discover and consume learning content in multiple modalities -Watch (videos), Read (books), Listen (audiobooks and podcasts) and Practice (apply and reinforce learning with assessments, exercises and activities). Percipio is designed to nurture self-directed learning by allowing users to personalize their learning experience by setting their own goals and learning paths. Percipio also has intelligence features that provide learning content suggestions and recommendations based on an individual’s behaviour, interests and learning selections within the platform. Self-directed learning and personalization have been proven to increase learner engagement versus learning that is solely based on administrator assignments and requirements.

Percipio has been used by the leadership team at the Special Olympics. Can you please share a little more about how Percipio has helped deliver better than the other learning platforms?

Special Olympics wanted to enhance its current leadership development programme with a more modern and robust learning solution. Furthermore, to maximise usage, Special Olympics needed a platform that offered a consumer-led experience and promoted self-directed learning and development.

Using Percipio™, Special Olympics learners gain access to extensive and authoritative business and leadership skills, digital skills and IT skills and certification training content. Percipio’s easy to use, step-by-step guide ensures that each learner gets to follow a personalised learning path. Skillsoft’s multi-modal content, which offers learners variety and choice, coupled with convenient concise courses, makes learning fun, easy and engaging.

Learning in many organisations is often targeted at the leadership team. Is Percipio also the platform that’s better suited for the leadership team rather than the employees at the middle and junior levels? If not, why?

Percipio is suited to automatically personalize and provide the right learning to the right person at the right time on the right device, whether it’s the leadership team, mid or junior-level employees within the organization. Skillsoft offers learning content available on Percipio on a wide array of topics that are suitable across all levels of the organization, depending on the content. Examples of learning content portfolios available on Percipio include Skillsoft’s Leadership Development Program, Digital Transformation, Technology and Developer content for IT professionals, Percipio Compliance, and more.

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How was corporate learning different before Percipio was launched? How has it brought a change in the overall learning method and also the ability to learn? Are all the reports around Percipio revolutionising learning, true?

Percipio offers organisations an effective way to elevate the employee experience by mirroring the UX of consumer brands in their learning initiatives. It has the key capabilities organisations should consider when shopping for a learning experience platform: content, integration, user experience design, and data analysis. Adding Percipio to their overall learning strategies and ecosystems may help organisations solve long-standing problems associated with disengaged learners, underutilised content, inefficient search mechanisms, and the lack of actionable metrics. For all these reasons and more, Percipio has earned a place in the continuing evolution of the learning experience platform landscape, moving from simply managing people, events, and content to humanising training in a digital world.

Percipio has a feature called ELSA, the Embedded Learning Synchronised Assistant, that recommends content based on an employee’s web activity. How does it work? Is the monitoring of web activity only restricted to their official devices? Has it been able to capture real-time data on the learning habits of people? What does the data say? Any significant surprises?

I would want to put it differently. ELSA is a browser plugin. It is what we call “Learning in the flow of work”. Often while employees are going through their regular day to day work, much of that time spent online, they frequently come across a term or a topic they may not have encountered before or may want to check their knowledge to ensure they have an accurate understanding of the topic. Using ELSA, users can simply click on the term, which is auto-searched in the Percipio platform. Related and relevant videos, courses and learning channels appear in the ELSA browser plugin window, providing instant access to the information they’re seeking. All of this happens without interrupting the individuals current flow of work. No need to leave the document or web page they’re on. No need to open a different tab or a window. They simply consume the content where they are and in the moment. As a result, Percipio ELSA brings learning to the learner rather than the other way around, which is the more typical and traditional learning experience. ELSA has been tremendously well received by our learners who have said ELSA has allowed them to pursue learning during the course of their workday, freeing them up from having to set aside a specific time and place to learn – time that can be tough to find for today’s busy workforce.

Percipio and learning are now getting deeply ingrained into our customers’ day-to-day activities and our users love what they see and do.

How has Percipio transformed learning management to real learning experience? How would you differentiate the two?

The fundamental difference between a traditional Learning Management System and a Learner Experience Platform like Percipio is the way users experience and own their learning. In an LMS, as the name suggests, the learner’s learning is managed or governed typically by an administrator who decides on what she/he feels is important for the employee to learn. Content is curated and served to the audiences as a part of their mandatory trainings or other courses that the administrator assigns to the learner. On the contrary, an intelligent learning experience platform like Percipio not only provides content based on the user’s expressed interests, but also automatically and intelligently recommends courses and channels that may interest learners based on content viewed. This type of immersive learning experience is based on brain science and mapped to cognitive processes showing that learners are engaged and more likely to retain what they’ve learned in a self-directed learning environment than approaches based solely on assigned, mandatory, and obligatory learning. Additionally, today’s workforce is busier than ever before. There is little time to carve out strictly for learning during the workday. Flexible, intuitive and always available on any device learning experience platforms like Percipio empower individuals to practice learning during the flow of their workday. Additionally, the content design and how it is displayed and delivered to the learner within a learning experience platform is well-suited to capture the attention of learners despite the increasingly shortened attention spans of individuals in today’s digital workplace.

What difference has adding third-party content to the learning system made?

Organisations today require the flexibility to customize the learner experience. Percipio is designed from the ground up to provide a unique and personalized experience for each learner. By enabling third-party content, Percipio has taken personalization to the next level for both organizations and their employees using Percipio who are able to tag, search, share, and recommend third party content that augments the learner experience.

How can a small company leverage a learning platform, such as Percipio? Is it meant only for the large global companies?

Regardless of size, Percipio is designed for organizations that place a premium on developing their talent through learning and training. With Percipio, organizations can offer their employees an intuitive and engaging learning experience that is available anywhere, anytime and on any device. Percipio is as simple as clicking on your favourite video streaming, music, or entertainment app and starting a video, audio-book, podcast or more.

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