AllVoices to make reporting of sexual harassment easy


The startup is a web platform to facilitate anonymous reporting of sexual harassment at work.

Claire Schmidt, the former vice president of technology and innovation at Twentieth Century Fox has launched the startup, AllVoices, a web platform to report sexual harassment at work.

The employees can use the platform to anonymously report their experience of sexual harassment at work. The data can be collated later to find insights into the scale of the problem in the company.

Recently, we saw the Me Too campaign against sexual harassment at work, where lots of women employees came out in the social media, to put forth their grievances. Since then, reports of sexual harassment at the workplace have been increasing with more women coming out to report it.

Earlier, many of the women employees were afraid to report sexual harassment, due to which the management of the companies were unable to assess the scale of the problem.

This web platform solves both sides of the problem. It will help companies get insights into the problem, as harassment at both small and big levels will get reported by the victims anonymously.

Considering the security and anonymity of the victims, the platform asks the victims specific questions. Victims can share the nature of their experience, such as whether they dealt with sexual advances, uncomfortable jokes or comments, physical or verbal offense, or harassment based on identity, gender, race, age and disability.

It also gives them the option to share their type of employability—whether full-time or part-time employee, whether working with the company’s employees as a client or outsider partner, or whether they were part of a startup pitching an investor. Employees who have seen harassment of any employee can also report on the platform.

AllVoices will give the companies a report on the number of complaints received on the platform. To receive further detailed insights, companies will need to sign up.

The startup is still working on some part of the products to refine certain aspects on reporting of victims and offenders before being launched. Companies can use the platform to track culture metrics in the organisation just as the financial performance, KPIs, and so on.

Some of the advisors to the startup are Uber whistleblower, Susan Fowler, theBoardlist founder, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, and Tinder founder, Sean Rad.

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