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Just do it: Nike women force top male executives out of...

At Nike, Women were made to feel ostracised in meetings, were passed over for promotions, and were forced to deal with a blunted career path.

Three HR executives at Convergys get arrested for sexual harassment

Mohammad Noman, Faizan Shameem and Rajarshi Bhat from the human resource department of Convergys were arrested and now have been granted bail.

Office romances: Best kept secrets from HR

While HR professionals like to believe they are the confidantes for people in the organisation, the sounding board for all concerns, the reality is far from it

238 internal complaints on gender discrimination/sexual harassment at Microsoft

Attorneys are attempting to turn this into a class action lawsuit, covering over 8,000 women. 

Google sued yet again by another former employer

Lee, a woman software engineer, alleged that Google has a "bro-culture" that allowed her to be sexually harassed daily, and that the Company did nothing to intervene.


Even NASA wakes up to sexual harassment

Current and new members of NASA will have to undergo anti-harassment training by the end of 2018.

AllVoices to make reporting of sexual harassment easy

The startup is a web platform to facilitate anonymous reporting of sexual harassment at work.

Senior HR officer at Jindal Power booked for molestation of colleague

Companies need to be sensitive about these issues at the workplace and must ensure women’s safety.

Ex-Uber employee opens up on how HR ignored her sexual harassment...

Former employee, Susan Fowler, wrote a blog accusing HR at Uber of mishandling her situation.

DoPT issues fresh guidelines on sexual harassment at workplace

As per the new guidelines, the enquiry of such cases must be completed within 30 days and under any circumstances within 90 days from the date of the complaint.

Vishakha Guidelines: How prepared is India Inc. after 1.5 years of...

An Ernst & Young (EY) survey reveals thaat most companies have a callous approach towards the Act (sexual harassment of women at workplace)  without realising the penalty that comes along for defying the law. 



Continuous learning is the key to future success for organisations

The business scenario these days is so dynamic that it is keeping companies on their toes. It’s not just hard to predict where and...

Employee Benefits & Engagement


Cat naps can increase productivity!

Risposo in Italy, inemuri in Japan or simply siesta in Spain and other countries— call it what you may, but research has shown that...

Make Monday a ‘Fun’ day

The noun 'blues' refers to a 'sad' feeling, and has nothing to do with the colour blue. This feeling may arise from laziness or...

Eli Lilly plays guardian angel to its employees

In the pharma industry, the sales team comprises remote workers. The work of these salespeople generally requires them to travel, usually on two wheelers,...


HAL staff protest against systematic discrimination

Employees of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) have accused the Company of following discriminatory practices. The employees’ union of HAL recently called for a hunger...

Employee surveillance may become more invasive

Very soon employers will be able to keep track of their employees at all times by getting them to use an app and fitness...

Philips’ Smriti Handa joins Reckitt; Mahima K moves to global role

Smriti Handa has been appointed as the regional HR director for India and South Asia, Reckitt Benckiser (RB). Prior to this role, she was...

Employee Assistance Programme—the key to happy workplace

There is an apparent pull and push amongst businesses across industries for one reason— employees. It is a known fact that having the right...



“A true leader is not dependent on title or designation,” Dwarakanath

It was a Friday afternoon, when the HRKatha team got the opportunity to meet a man who is not just a recognised leader but...

“Successful women are ambitious and focussed on their careers,” Shalini Pillay

She understands the imperatives for an organisation from a talent perspective. She possesses the consulting skills required to provide solutions. She is also a...

“Automation will create a multiplier effect in the economy, which people don’t understand,” Ravi...

Automation and the volatile behaviour of workers have brought in a lot of challenges for HR in the changing automobile industry, which is now...