Citrix’s digital workspace to provide a unified employee experience


Citrix has come out with new innovations that support the shift to people-centric computing, enabling organisations to deliver a superior work experience.

Integration and unification of technology for seamless employee experience is on top of most organisations’ agendas in the present times, and Citrix has just unveiled a solution for the same. Digital transformation, cloud and new workstyles are forcing businesses to rethink how and where technology is deployed and secured. In line with that, Citrix has come out with new innovations that support the shift to people-centric computing, enabling organisations to deliver superior work. An experience that unifies everything an employee needs in one place, while meeting the strictest compliance and security needs of the organisation.

To ensure employee engagement and productivity, companies must deliver a unified workspace experience that adapts to how and where work needs to get done. They must provide IT the confidence to support and manage their choice of network, cloud or device; and offer a holistic security framework that dynamically detects and applies policies everywhere—from the data centre to the most remote endpoint.

“We are at a place where mobile users now equal those in a traditional office environment, and organisations must deliver a unified work experience. Our solutions deliver the experience, security and choice that people and organisations need to innovate, engage customers and be productive, anytime and anywhere,” says David Henshall, CEO, Citrix.

Experience: Unifying the experience with SaaS, Web, mobile and virtual apps
Employee experience and productivity have become top priorities for CEOs. Providing reliable access to the applications, devices and content employees prefer has proven to boost employee productivity and drive improved business performance. Experience must be personalised and adaptable. Citrix is expanding its portfolio of delivering virtual apps, desktops and mobile apps to provide secure access to SaaS apps and content via the Citrix Workspace app, creating the first unified digital workspace for business.

Citrix offers a complete and integrated workspace to enable people to securely access their Web, SaaS, Windows, Linux and mobile apps, desktops and files from anywhere and across any device. Citrix Workspace gives users secure, single sign-on (SSO) access to all the applications and content in an intuitive and digital workspace that delivers a consistent and unified experience across all devices. This allows users to start work at home on their tablet, continue to work on their smartphone during their commute, and complete work on their desktop or laptop in the office. Embedded with the Company’s proven networking and file-sharing capabilities, Citrix Workspace ensures reliable app performance, integrated search and workflows across apps, and market-leading content collaboration regardless of where the files are stored.

Security: A modern, holistic approach
New and ever-increasing threats require modern approaches to security that enhance productivity, not hamper it. Organisations need a holistic approach to security that adapts to the way people work, rather than forces users to work within security restrictions. Citrix’s expanded security approach unifies the market-leading Citrix Networking portfolio with Citrix Unified Endpoint Management and Citrix Analytics to deliver a secure digital perimeter that surrounds the user, apps and network for greater visibility and control. The Citrix secure digital perimeter allows IT and CISOs centralised security policy controls that are applied dynamically at any access point to minimise and hide attack surfaces that live beyond the datacentre, across various devices, apps and content distributed on-premises and in hybrid and multi-cloud networks.

Citrix Workspace Networking Portfolio is underpinned by Citrix Analytics. Whether a company is securing cloud apps, files and data, mobile or desktop apps, Citrix Analytics will provide visibility into company-wide user and entity behaviour, system security, performance and operations, and simplify IT infrastructure. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect anomalous behaviour and potential threats, Citrix Analytics can provide actionable intelligence from the information gathered via its cloud services and on-premises products to help customers proactively identify and manage internal and external threats.

Citrix unifies the experience of SaaS, Web, mobile and virtual apps with Citrix Workspace and has now expanded its ability to securely- and centrally-manage these applications with Citrix Access Control. Unlike traditional SSO solutions, which provide no visibility, control or governance of data within SaaS and Web apps, the cloud app control feature in Citrix Access Control provides SSO capabilities to all SaaS, Web and Citrix virtualised apps. It provides granular policy controls, such as watermarking, restricted copy-paste and can also prevent printing. In addition, Citrix Access Control together with Citrix Analytics provides advanced user behaviour analytics, which help to intelligently redirect risky internet browsing activity to a cloud-based virtual browser, completely isolated from the corporate network, with zero configuration required on the endpoint. This allows enterprises to balance business-oriented browsing with enhanced security.

“Maintaining productivity in an era where new workstyles and applications are dynamically and increasingly complex requires a new approach to delivering the user’s workspace, one that is focused on people, and how they use technology to get their jobs done. The Citrix Workspace is the first unified digital workspace for organisations that simplifies access to apps and data, creating a consistent experience across devices, and that is responsive and adaptive wherever a person is working,” says PJ Hough, chief product officer, Citrix.


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