Microland’s employee mobile app to enhance business productivity and collaboration


The app aims to create a digitally enhanced and connected workspace.

The world is getting digital, and many problems which seemed impossible to solve a decade ago are now getting resolved in no time. Evolving technology is also helping businesses grow faster and bigger.

Companies are adopting these technologies to be ahead of competition. Human resource is one area where digital technology is being used to enhance workforce engagement, productivity, and so on. For millennials, digital products have become an integral part of their lifestyle, at home and at work.  Therefore, companies need to go digital to be productive.  

On similar lines, Microland has launched an employee mobile app to enhance business productivity. The app named MicrolandOne is a comprehensive and secure app, which brings together a contextual, immersive and unified experience, thereby creating a digitally-enhanced workforce and connected workspace. The app will help workforces across more than 150 global locations of Microland to be connected.

The objective behind creating this mobile app was to help connect multigenerational workforces and eliminate the need for accessing desktops or laptops for critical work applications.

The app will update employees with news about the company, various opportunities to learn and grow, wish colleagues on special occasions, register with and remain aware of company events, contribute to causes, and also participate in contests and surveys.  This will help employees stay connected with each other and the company.

The app also has HR tools, such as leave management, salary details, expense reimbursement and transport tracking.

Pradeep Kar, Microland founder and CMD, says in an official communiqué, “The app will create a digital workforce, which will connect and engage employees across all its offices. It will also help employees learn, share and grow from each other’s experience.”

With 84 per cent of its workforce comprising millenials, the company expects greater usage of the app. The app is going to give insights, which will help companies design suitable employee-engagement policies.

Microland’s HR department is very positive about the impact of the app on employee engagement and productivity.

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