Since the Bell curve isn’t giving us the talent pool for maximum payout, I have a new formula. Let’s do ‘EE (exceeds expectations), NI (Needs Improvement), ME (Meets Expectation), NI (Needs Improvement), MYNAH, MOH’. That should give us the names.


  1. I had done this 15 years ago. In my view changing nomenclature does not change performance. What is needed is an overhaul of the performance paradigm we live in

  2. Whatever it is, it is proved again that a conventional system alone works out for gauging human skills and efficiency. God only knows how many were betrayed and lucky in the BELL curve. We have copied everything from westerners even if it doesn’t suit us.

    At least from now on let India Inc. be as simple and clear in PMS.

  3. There is always an inadequate understanding of the ratings at both micro & macro levels by both appraiser and appraisee. Also the final interpretation of this evaluation is again misinterpreted by the appraiser and appraisee. When complicated systems are brought in, evaluators want a simplistic system so as to finish it off quickly. If a simplistic system is brought in all factors are not given their due.

    We can’t say western systems don’t suit us, when all our systems are in fact western. Only our cultures are different which too are in a process of change.

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