Exit Interview


This is an exit interview. Go ahead, pour your heart out on anything that you think is amiss; except on what’s wrong with this organisation.


  1. Seems formal environment/set up. I would change it to informal (may be meet in cafeteria or open lawn but in in HR office).

    Explore employees experience with the company, people, systems and goals.

    Never ask for what changes the exiting employee would like to see as this suggestions does not really help anybody.

    Ask if the employee wants to return back to the company after a while.

  2. Exit interview to be effective should not be at the time of leaving the organisation, Instead it should be after a month or so of the individual’s leaving the organisation, Give the person settling time in the new organisation. He has his own stress and strains of joining a new enterprise, new job/Boss .. and we want him to be honest in his giving his views on various matters at the time of EXIT.

  3. When top management leaves the organization they never give correct picture about organization. Ideally they are the right candidate for exit interview

  4. I agree with Mr.Surinder K Verman. The employee on exit mode is high on emotion and may not be able to give rational views. The exit interview should be conducted atleast after 6 – 8 months from his exit. This not only gives him time to settle in the new job, but also gives him an opportunity to have a rational comparision between his last and current assignment. Most exit interview questionnaire tends to ask about rejoining in future, recommendation to friends and organisation/policies being employee friendly. Unless the employee experience a comparision for a reasonable time, the responses to such questions tends to give a skewed trends. Another important aspect is implementation of feedback. Most organisation conduct interviews as ritual but implementation of findings, if accepted, become difficult. Also, current employees need to see some change based on such feedback.

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