How the ‘BIG’ family celebrates 5 years of togetherness


At Reliance Broadcast Network, it’s a week-long celebration, when an employee completes five years with the company…

It actually calls for a celebration when an employee completes five years with a given company especially in the age of millennial, when people tend to switch jobs at a pace, they change their wardrobe. In today’s times, five years indeed seems like an era.

Reliance Broadcast Network, the young media company, has taken this occasion, to call for a week-long celebration for employees who have completed five years with the company. Not just the employees, it even goes a step ahead to include the family of the employee as part of this celebration.

It all started when the company completed five years of operations. The idea was to felicitate the founding members of the team for their contribution in making this venture a success. The company could see instant result of this gratification and it decided to make this an annual affair. In the following years, the numbers kept on adding up as it included associates outside the founding team.

RBNL branded this activity – which is organised in December every year – as ‘BIG 5’. It’s a week-long affair which sees the participation of the concerned employees and their families. As part of this exercise, the senior management expresses their gratitude to the associates for their valuable service and to their families for their extended support. A letter of appreciation and a certificate is also sent to the residence of the respective employees.

For each day of the week of celebration, the employees and their families are gratified with goodies, bouquets, chocolate hampers, dinner and shopping vouchers. Customised meals, cake cutting ceremony, standees, scrapbook and ‘thank you’ notes from other employees are also part of this exercise. The effort is to make every moment special for the deserving employees. And finally on the last of the celebration, a big bash is organised in Mumbai which sees participation of employees and their spouses from across its offices in India.

Meenakshi Roy

Meenakshi Roy, senior vice-president, HR, RBNL, says, “We consider our associates to be the brand ambassadors for both the internal and external stakeholders. It’s our way to say, ‘we recognise your efforts as well as that of your family who are the driving factor for steady employment’.”

The company claims that this activity has provided a positive stimulus to the associates and their families. The feedback that RBNL receives from its employees is that they are extremely touched and this has enhanced their sense of belongingness towards the organisation.

However, acknowledgement of performance at RBNL is not restricted to the celebrations alone and BIG 5 isn’t the only yardstick to measure the employee’s contribution. Irrespective of the tenure, RBNL ensures that the contribution of deserving employees are suitably recognised and rewarded.

“This felicitation event definitely aids us in guiding future growth of the associate at Reliance Broadcast Network, especially by expressing our gesture of gratitude and ensuring them that we value their past contributions and are looking forward to provide them with umpteen opportunities leading to mutual growth and long term association for many such years,” concludes Roy.

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