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‘Fevicol ka Jod’ at the workplace: Pidilite’s strategy to bind its...

One of the most difficult tasks as an HR head, is to create a strong bond between employees. In a country such as India,...

Why is it important to integrate compliance into organisation culture?

HRKatha speaks to John Arendes, VP & GM - Global Compliance Solutions, Skillsoft to find out how companies that consider investment in compliance culture as unnecessary and unprofitable fail to realise its benefits or reap the same at a later stage.

Understanding competency from an organisational perspective

Is the much talked about competency approach actually helping the individual and the organisation to improve their effectiveness

Is India Inc. too performance focussed?

Around 39 per cent and 26 per cent of respondents participating in a survey, from consumer and services sectors, respectively, opined that their respective companies was best defined as ‘performance oriented’. 

What’s in a dress code?

A reformation seems to be on the horizon. It spells of a new mindset that the corporates are adopting be it open offices, flatter hierarchies or addressing colleagues by their first name.

Smoking Rule

Our organisation is enforcing the no-smoking culture by pushing smokers to the edge!!  

Design with a purpose

The Gurgaon office of ZS is designed on four work modes —focus, learn, collaborate and socialise. Learn, how to enhance productivity and creativity among employees through a strategic design. 

McDonald’s: A sufficiently long career ladder

Seema Nambiar, senior director, people resources, McDonald’s India–West & South, has been associated with the Quick-Service-Restaurant (QSR) sector for some time now, and  been part of the McDonald’s family for more than 15 years. Prior to this, she managed employee training for Domino’s India.

In her current role, she is responsible for ensuring seamless integration of company and people strategies at McDonald’s, West and South divisions. She focusses on enhancing the company’s employer brand image, and works towards creating a heightened Employee Value Proposition. In her previous role at McDonald’s, Nambiar was head – learning, development and strategy planning.

While sharing the employee development programmes at McDonald’s with HR Katha, she talks about how McDonald’s helps its employees build a career and not just pursue a job which is quite unusual in the QSR sector.  Excerpts

Millennials vs Baby Boomers: The changing landscape at workplace

Millennials, who comprise around 50 per cent of the workforce, are not just pushing the companies to change their interiors; the transformation is evident in ergonomics, structure, cultures and work norms as well.

High engagement does not ensure high retention

As per Towers Watson, in India around 42 per cent of highly engaged employees are likely to call it quits whereas the global average is only 26 per cent.

How to leverage employee loyalty during lean period

Downsizing may seem to be productive in the short term, but it fails to give sustainable benefits in the long run.

How the ‘BIG’ family celebrates 5 years of togetherness

At Reliance Broadcast Network, it’s a week-long celebration, when an employee completes five years with the company…

Building presence: The aim of human existence

Some time ago, I visited a popular hole-in-the-wall Konkani restaurant in Mumbai to gorge on its delicious THALI. On an adjoining table was a...

Ten key skills required in an age of digital transformation

As a growing number of organisations integrate digital technologies into all aspects of their business, digital transformation has come to be regarded as the...


Even CXOs can feel stagnated in their career

It's common for mid-level managers to feel stuck and stagnated, when they can’t foresee any further growth path. In some cases, existing jobs are...

LearnVern raises over USD 1 million funding

Ahmedabad-based edtech platform, LearnVern, has managed to raise more than one million US dollars in funding from international investors. The fund invests in strong...

Volkswagen strikes wage deal, salaries will rise by 2.3%

Volkswagen has struck a wage deal with IG Metall, the German union that represents 1,20,000 employees, that is, about 18 per cent of its...

As a retention strategy, Walmart to shift hourly workers to full-time roles

In a bid to retain employees, Walmart Inc. will shift more of its US workforce to full-time positions. The retailer expects at least two-thirds...


Binding multi-faceted employees with Titan Values

Titan has different sets of employees for different functions and verticals, ranging from the shopfloor to the retail stores. How do you bring in...

The right people policy for startups – Madan Nagaldinne

You happen to have worked mostly with large organisations. How different is it working for a startup now? When you have worked for big...

“Archaic HR processes force millennials to switch jobs often,” Niti Khosla, lead people analytics...

Friendly and jolly Niti Khosla, lead-people analytics and business impact, Novartis International, is a true HR leader with the ability to understand people and...