Vedanta’s family get-togethers instil a sense of belongingness

The families of Vedanta employees were made to feel proud of their association with the Company.


Vedanta, an active player in the aluminum industry, with its superior product quality, is leaving no stone unturned to spread joy amongst its employees and their families.

The Company’s aluminum plant in Lanjigarh, Odisha, played host to an event never held before. The newly-appointed CEO, Rahul Sharma hosted a couple of get-togethers for the local staff, their families, community members and the Odisha Industrial Security Force (OISF) personnel deployed at the plant.

On day one of the event, the families got a chance to see how the employees were recreating success stories within the plant. They were made to feel proud of their family members who were working diligently at the plant.

On the second day, a similar experience was given to the families of the OISF staff.

Speaking to, Sharma said,“We expect this initiative to pave the way for a two-way connect and establish a deeper bond between the Company and our employees. This programme is yet another manifestation of the Company’s overall ethos that recognises inclusion and a sense of belongingness as natural extensions of its culture. We want all members of our extended family to know we are here to acknowledge their support to Vedanta and thank them for making Vedanta a part of their family. We are also keen to hear what we can do better for their sons, daughters, siblings and spouses working with us.”

Sharma personally welcomed all guests and conversations revolved around how the Vedanta plant is creating employment and opportunities for the local population. Moreover, it promises to directly benefit the children and future generations.

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