Why this Godrej video has its employees rapping and performing


The cast of the video comprises Godrejites themselves communicating, in the most authentic manner, why they love where they work. 

Organisations talking about their work culture and trying to establish an attractive employer brand through articles on forums and social media is rather mainstream. Here is an organisation that went beyond the usual and created a funky video that talks about its culture and work environment. And that’s not all. What makes it stand out is the fact that the video has real employees performing and rapping to let the world know about their workplace.

Godrej’s #WhereWeWork video is a unique visual initiative, which breaks the boredom with its refreshing take on work culture in the form of a rap song. Entirely performed in house, the cast of the #WhereWeWork video comprises people who work at Godrej. It is also a walk-through of the stunning Godrej One, the new global headquarters of Godrej at Vikhroli in Mumbai. Extremely engaging, the video keeps its viewers glued to their screens.

Sumit Mitra, head-group HR and corporate services, Godrej Industries and Associate Companies, tells us that the #WhereWeWork video is part of a much larger approach to communicating about their evolving and inspiring workplace. “One of the pillars of our people philosophy includes how we encourage people to bring their ‘whole selves’, not just their ‘work selves’ to Godrej. We believe that passionate, rounded individuals with diverse interests make for better Godrejites—and you see that reflected in this video,” he says.

Having the team members themselves communicate why they love where they work, seemed like the most authentic way to do it. Mitra says that this approach made it much more relatable for people, both within and outside Godrej.

Overall, Godrej uses design thinking to reimagine many of its people policies and practices. For instance, Mitra shares that the Company is keen to hire passionate people also because they are particularly good at design thinking.

He elaborates, “So, we brainstormed on how and where to find these passionate people. On business school campuses, we now run Godrej LOUD (Live Out Ur Dream), our radically different approach to recruitment, where we sponsor personal dreams and offer internships on the basis of that.”

Godrej also runs an in-house version of LOUD to sponsor dreams of Godrejites across its group companies. Mitra believes that Godrej One, the global headquarters, featured in the #WhereWeWork video, is a great showcase of how design thinking translates into work spaces.

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