Accused of racist culture at work, FB apologises to employees

The employees feel that this culture of discrimination against non-whites will continue until the managers are held accountable.


Black employees of Facebook had revealed experiences of bias at the workplace, and inappropriate treatment by managers, colleagues and the human resources personnel. An anonymous post said that the culture at the Company was not friendly and non-whites fear for their jobs and their own safety, which is why they are forced to reveal the matter in an online anonymous post.

Following the revelation, the social-media platform released an apology stating that nobody, irrespective of whether they are employed at Facebook or elsewhere “…should haveto put up with this behaviour.” The statement admitted that the anonymous post goes against what the Company stands for, and that FB is making all efforts to improve.

Apparently, non-white staff members are often forced to tolerate unpleasant and sarcastic comments and even unnecessarily targeted for negative performance feedback. The post revealed that the non-white employees are made to feel as if they do not belong in the Company and that the atmosphere has only become worse in the past one year. The treatment meted out to the non-whites is far from equitable and they are neither given any power or appreciated for their work. The post clarified that these problems were being faced by all non-whites and not just Blacks.

The complaint revealed that Blacks were not only called arrogant but one was actually asked to clean up after two whites had eaten. Apparently, when the incident was brought to the notice of higher authorities, the whites involved were simply asked to “dress professionally” and no other action was taken against them.

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