Menstrual leaves for women staff of AU Small Finance Bank

The Bank has also introduced an ‘AU Forever Pass’ for select employees letting them know that they can return to work for the Bank at any time


That diversity and inclusion are important for AU Small Finance Bank is clear from the recent announcement of the menstrual leave policy for women employees of the Bank. Starting Februrary 2023, this one day of additional paid leave will be available to women employees over and above the approved leaves.

The Bank has also rolled out a unique ‘AU Forever Pass’ for employees who move on from the Bank after a period of three years. Selected employees who have a gold-standard service record and have made valuable contribution to the growth of the Bank, will be awarded the pass. This is equivalent to a membership that assures the exiting employees a job at the Bank if they are to return to it ever in the future.

Speaking about the Bank’s “ethos of ‘badlaav’”, Sanjay Agarwal, MD & CEO, AU Small Finance Bank, said, “We are working towards bringing progressive changes within our organisation to make it more supportive and inclusive for everyone”.

Emphasising the importance of appreciating the “needs of its varied workforce including women and even exiting employees” in order to make the culture “fully inclusive”, Agarwal said that these revolutionary policies “can pave the way towards building a friendly professional environment for women seeking to enter the workforce, through sensitising the organisation”.

The AU Forever Pass, according to Agarwal, honours “the contribution of our employees who leave our organisation due to personal exigencies or professional aspirations”.

The scheduled commercial bank, with an employee base of 29,883 employees, is determined to “continue to march ahead holding hands with all our employees”, in its journey of ‘badlaav’.

Vivek Tripathi, head – HR, AU Small Finance Bank, reiterates that these initaitives “make the workplace safe and healthy for its employees”.

Recently, the Bank has adopted policies such as ‘AU Forever Pass’ initiative, menstrual leave policy, birthday leave, marriage anniversary leave, paternity leave, donating leaves policy, paid sabbatical leave for long serving employees, education assistance programme, personal loan policy, concessional home loan policy to address the changing needs of employees, families, and communities.”

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