Will D&I policies become unconstitutional & illegal in the US?

If college affirmative action comes to an end, will the inclusive policies in workplaces also be labelled as illegal?


Looks like the US Supreme Court will soon disallow private universities from taking the race of applicants into account while granting them admission.

In two similar cases, a majority of the justices seemed to be in favour of putting an end to affirmative action initiatives and programmes that were put in place to ensure diversity in the university campuses across the US.

That means, students cannot seek any benefit based on race, as this will now be considered as an act that discriminates against other student applicants!

By that same logic it will not be long before the diversity and inclusion initiatives at workplaces also come to be regarded as dubious. In fact, all the efforts that organisations and even the military have been putting in to ensure diversity and inclusion, and to compensate for the damage caused due to slavery and ensure equal representation of genders / races may come to be considered as constitutionally wrong.

The Court seems to be upholding the ruling from the past wherein it was stated that the only way to put an end to discrimination based on race is to simply stop discriminating on the basis of race.

This comes at a time when post the murder of George Floyd two years ago, workplaces have gone out of the way to prioritise diversity and inclusion.

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