Bumble gives week-long break to staff to rest

The leave is hope to save the employees from burnout


American social-media company, Bumble, closed for a week, so that its employees can relax and de-stress. It is reported that the move is aimed at preventing the about 700-strong workforce of the Company from a “collective burnout”.

In the past year, the workload has been a lot for the employees of the Company, which also made its debut in the stock market in February 2021.

This is a much-deserved and needed break for the employees of the dating app and received a lot of appreciation on Twitter. With the lockdowns and people being confined to their homes, the dating app grew in popularity in the last one year. Its paid users reportedly increased by a significant 30 per cent in the first quarter of 2021. The number of paid users of Badoo, which is also owned by Bumble saw a rise too.

Bumble hopes that employees will use this week-long break to focus on themselves and forget about work.

In another unique move, Bumble users who are vaccinated are able to get more matches on the dating app, as compared to the users who are not inoculated. This is a novel way of sending across the message that by getting vaccinated, people can actually improve their dating prospects too.

According to a survey by Bumble, almost three out of 10 people in the US will avoid going out with people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. Of the about 1,000+ singles surveyed in the US in May 2021, 90 per cent are ready to resume dating.

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