Bumble makes week-long holiday twice-a-year affair

In addition to the collective leave, which will be a permanent feature, twice a year, the firm has also extended other benefits to all employees globally


Last month, Bumble, a dating and social-media app, announced a week-long break for all its employees, globally, in order to tackle the issue of burnout amongst its team members, and also to break the monotony of work. Now, the leadership has made this collective leave permanent for all its employees twice a year. Also, the firm has introduced an unlimited paid time off with uniform minimums.

The Company has planned to give some more benefits to its employees. In case of birth, adoption and surrogacy of a child, Bumble is providing six months of minimum paid leave to the caregivers. Since it is difficult for caregivers and mothers to resume work after the birth of the child, a minimum of four weeks of flexible working is provided even in the case of adoption and surrogacy.

Since the pandemic has impacted and infected a lot of family members of employees, Bumble has decided to provide 12 weeks of time off per calendar year, and also in case of any employee falling prey to any domestic violence or violent crimes, a minimum of 20 days of paid leave is allowed.

“The past year has been an important moment for us to reflect on the way we work and how we can best support our teams around the world. Earlier this year, we took a collective week off but we are now thrilled to be updating our permanent benefits for our team. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the way we work and need to work, has changed. Our new policies are a reflection of what really matters and how we can best support our teams in both their work and life,” says Tariq Shaukat, president – Bumble.

Apart from leaves and paid time off, the Company is not forcing its employees to come back to office either. Bumble has offices in the US, UK, Spain and Russia, where the Company’s major workforce operates. It also has small teams working in key cities all around the globe. As many employees will have difficulty in working from wherever they are, in the absence of appropriate infrastructure to operate, the Company is making arrangements for them to work out of co-working spaces.

All the above benefits will be available to all Bumble employees, globally, including Badoo app.

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