Choosing your salary day is no longer an alien concept: Jupiter


In its new ad campaign, Jupiter, a money-management app has made on-demand salary a reality.

The ad starts off by stating the feature must be out of this world. Such a response was elicited because of Jupiter’s claims that people can withdraw their salary on any day of the month.

The concept stemmed from salaried employees wanting more flexibility in terms of when they receive their salary. While conducting research for the campaign, Jupiter found that, under usual circumstances employees would have to reach out to their HR departments to change the date on which they’d like to receive their salary, which would lead to a long approval process which would question why the employee would need their salary before the set date.

Enter Jupiter’s ‘on – demand salary’ feature, which now allows users to withdraw their salary before their pay day.

The ad campaign is set in various situations where one may need to use the feature— whether it be planning a trip to Goa or buying a new dress. The new feature allows users to be more spontaneous with their payments but at the same time, cautions them to use credit responsibly.

Speaking about the campaign, Apurv Narang, head of growth and marketing at Jupiter believes this new feature is in line with the company’s vision to make tools that help in making smart financial decisions. He believes this product is a step in the right direction when it comes to achieving true financial wellness.

Jupiter is planning to launch a number of innovative investments and credit-focused products in 2023, expanding the range of financial options available to Indian consumers.

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