LinkedIn staff not expected to return to office

The online business and job-related networking site will allow employees to work 100% remotely or work from office part-time


As LinkedIn starts to reopen its offices across the globe, depending on the local COVID situation at each location, it is offering immense flexibility to its 16,000-strong workforce. Employees can choose to work remotely full time, or embrace a hybrid model, by coming in to office part time, whichever they wish.

Earlier, when pandemic-related restrictions had been relaxed, the social networking site for professionals had said it would expect its workforce to return to office for 50 per cent of the time.

Now, however, the policy has been updated to offer the flexibility to choose to work from home or partly from home and partly from office.

The Company has been open to remote working, even before the pandemic. However, after a year and a half of imposed work from home owing to the pandemic, LinkedIn anticipates seeing more employees opting to work remotely than there were before the pandemic. However, there will be some positions that will require employees to come into the physical office.

Those staff members who move locations to work remotely will face pay adjustments depending on the local market and cost of living of the area.

The firm has not mandated that employees be fully vaccinated to return to the office, unlike Google, Facebook, Lyft and other tech companies that have asked employees to produce proof of vaccination.

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