Heineken launches ‘Go Places 2.0’, its new employer-branding campaign

The campaign illustrates the culture of Heineken and showcases 30 success stories of employees from different countries.


After launching the most innovative employer-branding campaign in 2016, Heineken has come out with the second leg of the ‘Go Places’ campaign —‘Go Places 2.0’. The latest edition of the campaign features over 30 Heineken employees demonstrating the entrepreneurial culture that forms the foundation of the Company. The collection of films shows, how people with a positive mindset, “Go Places”, in their careers — physically and professionally — at Heineken.

With this campaign, the Company seeks to attract people who possess knowledge and a spirit of adventure. Heineken showcases 22 markets along with a variety of roles, levels and departments, such as sales, marketing, IT, supply chain, human resource, finance, procurement and corporate affairs. The videos illustrate the type of talent Heineken is looking to recruit, encouraging bold and brave ideas, giving the power and autonomy to the employees to take their careers into their own hands.

Quynh Tran from Vietnam, who collects consumer data for the Company, travels around the cafes and bars and observes the preferences of consumers to be able to manually gather data and information.

There is another story of Marcel Swain from South Africa, a member of the marketing team, who collaborates with the R&D team to understand the product and make the best drink of the market, with the greatest flavours.

There are several other stories from different departments of the organisation, which promote the grand culture of the Company.

Go Places 2.0 is a continuation of Heineken’s Go Places campaign, launched almost three years back, which focused on personalising the online application process, making it compelling and interactive with the aim of attracting dynamic talent.

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