Droom’s unique initiative to allow employees to appreciate each other

The online automobile marketplace has collaborated with the NGO, Dream Girl Foundation, for the #Engage for Droom programme


Droom, has launched a unique campaign called #Engage for Droom, wherein employees get to collaborate more and engage with different stakeholders and departments. Even though the entire workforce has returned to work from office, at the online automobile marketplace’s Gurugram hadquarters, all social distancing norms are being followed.

The campaign allows employees a chance to thank people for all the help that they have extended to them to complete work during the pandemic and appreciate each other’s efforts. They can express their appreciation via a personal note on specially-designed postcards by the Dream Girl Foundation, an NGO working for the upliftment of the girl child.

Droom employees will buy these handmade postcards from the NGO team to not just thank but appreciate each other’s best qualities to be supportive during work from home. Workstations will be full of colourful cards and words of appreciation from colleagues.

Sandeep Aggarwal, founder & CEO, Droom, pointed out that this was Droom’s way of ensuring “that people interact and ideate face to face” and “bring back the energy on the floor”. This is a step towards bringing back some sense of “pre-pandemic normalcy” which the employees are missing in their professional life. The initiative will allow “teams to engage in conversations, work on new ideas and connect back with the organisation,”believes Aggarwal.

He is of the opinion that even though technologies are taking over the world, “human intervention will undoubtedly be required. Technology isn’t replacing humans, rather, humans and technology must work together to achieve optimum results.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed forced organisations to change the very manner in which the workplaces function and altered the ways of working and communicating at the workplace. Not everyone has welcomed this change and employees were yearning to return to office for a better outcome with better collaboration. Therefore, Droom decided to do its bit to perpetuate a common work culture between departments.

Droom currently boasts of an 80 per cent market share of the automobile transactions online in the country.


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