Augnito gives employees a week off to rest and recharge

The advanced voice AI solution has given the last week of December 2022 off to the staff, to ensure their physical and mental health

9969, an advanced voice AI solution powering the healthcare industry, is letting its employees take the last week of December 2022 off work, in order to rest, recharge and unwind.

Considering its workforce as its most valuable asset, the Company continuously supports emplyees’ long-term well-being, both within and outside the office. Augnito already offers a variety of programmes and benefits that help its team members remain healthy, both physically and mentally.

The highly engaged and motivated employees at Augnito are encouraged to take leave whenever required, to spend time with their families or just to enjoy a break, so that they remain healthy.

Rustom Lawyer, CEO & co-founder, Augnito reiterates how the Company puts people first, when it comes to building products or defining workplace policy. “The focus is on striving to build a work environment that’s conducive to their health and growth,” according to Lawyer.

The employees enjoy flexible work schedules, and most have been working remotely since 2020. This remote working arrangement still continues. The Company believes in investing in its employees and “ensuring that they have the energy and creativity to continue making Augnito a global healthtech success story,” said Lawyer.

Currently, Augnito — which offers a wide range of features such as real-time speech-to-text— is deployed in over 270 hospitals and used by more than 10,000 doctors in India, with a global footprint in the UK, the US and the Middle East. The two-year old company is bootstrapped by Scribetech, a two-decade old company that is a pioneer in the medical transcription BPO industry.

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