Walmart to create opportunities for High Schoolers at work and college

Walmart introduces a debt free bachelor’s degree programme for high school students.


Walmart Inc is all set to tap the young talent of USA. They have launched a unique programme to create opportunities for high school students within the organisation. Moreover, provide them assistance for higher studies at universities.

Particularly to target the high school students in U.S, the company has extended its low-cost college degree programme to cover them as well. Now, running in its second year, the programme will provide a relief to students who generally take a loan for under graduate courses.

Under this programme, they will help students to prepare for exams such as SAT and ACT. A prerequisite for college admission in the States. Apart from that, a debt free college degree in three fields from six non profit universities is provided.

This programme covers all full time and part time employees in the company who have worked for at least 90 days.

Walmart employs around 1.3 million workers in the United States. Out of that only 25000 are under the age of 18 which is a very small fraction of its total number of employees.

Apparently, the programme’s main aim is to attract and retain high school students and help them pursue higher education.

Employees opting for this programme have to pay only $1 every day and the rest of the expenses will be covered by the company. Walmart has tied up with a start-up called Guild Education to run this programme The company is also planning to introduce 14 more bachelor’s degree courses apart from business and supply chain management.

The new courses will include cyber security and computer sciences. The aim of this programme is to build future skills in the employees.

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