How Virtusa integrates CRM & automation for innovative talent acquisition

 The company’s innovative approach demonstrates how harnessing these tools can revolutionise talent- acquisition processes, create efficiency gains and enhance an organisation's brand image


In the evolving landscape of talent acquisition, the synergy between automation and traditional methods emerges as a game changer. Automation seamlessly complements established talent-sourcing techniques by enhancing efficiency and precision. Virtusa Corporation, a pioneering entity in this arena, employs a distinctive strategy by harnessing the power of CRM platforms in its talent-acquisition endeavours. This innovative approach not only sets Virtusa apart but also establishes a robust bridge between technology and human touch.

Striking the right balance between AI-driven solutions and conventional hiring practices, Virtusa ensures a harmonious blend that optimises outcomes. Technology plays a pivotal role in this process, fostering agility throughout the hiring journey and enabling swifter and more informed decisions. In ensuring global alignment, Virtusa India adheres to international standards, thus maintaining excellence and consistency in their hiring processes. Central to their success is the strategic utilisation of diverse data sources, effectively bridging gaps and expediting the entire recruitment process. The company’s unique hiring journey unfolds amidst this dynamic environment, characterised by innovative implementation and a commitment to staying ahead in the talent-acquisition realm.

Rahul Sahay, senior vice president, HR, Virtusa Corporation, shares that this transformative wave challenges traditional norms and strives to optimise the efficiency of the talent-acquisition processes. He says, “One innovative approach stands out—the integration of a customer relationship-management (CRM) platform. This unique strategy, which is relatively unexplored by many organisations, demonstrates the potential to revolutionise talent sourcing and provide a distinct edge in the competitive landscape.”

“Virtusa leverages its CRM platform to amplify its brand presence and foster a strong connection with its talent community. This is achieved through two distinct avenues. First, the company employs a robust employee-referral programme powered by Phenom, an AI-driven platform”

Rahul Sahay, senior vice president, HR, Virtusa Corporation

To delve deeper, Sahay points out that it is necessary to understand the context in which these changes are unfolding. “The current business landscape grapples with a persistent shortage of the specific talents that enterprises such as Virtusa seek. This scarcity necessitates novel methods to not only reduce dependency on conventional hiring but also enhance the efficiency of the hiring mechanism itself. This discussion will primarily focus on how automation, in conjunction with technology, fuels these improvements,” explains Sahay.

The talent community can be broadly categorised into active and passive segments. While active candidates aggressively seek job opportunities, passive candidates possessing the required capabilities may not be actively looking. Here, automation and technology play a pivotal role by enabling intelligent searching and matching processes. These technologies analyse candidate competencies and align them with organisational requirements, thereby streamlining the entire candidate-selection process. The incorporation of AI engines within these platforms recommends profiles based on past hiring successes, creating a targeted and efficient approach to talent acquisition.

“Virtusa leverages its CRM platform to amplify its brand presence and foster a strong connection with its talent community. This is achieved through two distinct avenues. First, the company employs a robust employee-referral programme powered by Phenom, an AI-driven platform. This not only sources and screens profiles intelligently but also capitalises on employees’ networks to refer suitable candidates. Second, Virtusa employs external social-media channels to showcase its work culture and engage with potential candidates, enhancing its employer brand,” says Sahay.

The implementation of these transformative strategies has not been without challenges, says Sahay. “Selecting the right technological platforms was the initial hurdle, as existing solutions often require customisation to align with an organisation’s unique requirements. A careful balance had to be struck between immediate needs and future scalability. Moreover, considering Virtusa’s client-sensitive engagements, it was of paramount importance to ensure data security while adopting these platforms.”

He also mentions several key metrics substantiating the success of these strategies. The time taken to transition from hiring to deployment has been reduced by a notable 20–25 per cent, indicative of the improved quality of hires. The mean time to hire has also decreased by around 10–15 per cent, signalling greater engagement with candidates due to a seamless and efficient hiring process. Additionally, Virtusa has witnessed a remarkable 20 per cent increase in employee referrals as a percentage of overall hires over the past four quarters.

Looking ahead, Virtusa envisions a future where gig working gains prominence as a preferred mode of employment. The adoption of gig work, accelerated by the pandemic, is expected to reshape the traditional notions of full-time employment. Furthermore, networking and technology-assisted hiring are set to become even more integral, facilitating efficient talent-acquisition processes. The hackathon model of hiring, where technology-assessment platforms are leveraged to identify and assess talent at scale, is predicted to become a standard practice.

In this transformative journey, Sahay emphasises that Virtusa remains committed to embracing technology as a catalyst for rapid, efficient and consistent scaling. The organisation recognises that technology adoption not only improves the user experience but also ensures consistency in its operations. This vision has led Virtusa to make substantial investments over the past couple of years, with an unwavering determination to continue down this transformative path.

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