Genpact’s ‘Genome’ to reskill staff

This internal initiative will allow employees to learn skills from each other, while working on actual projects.


Genpact, global professional services provider, has launched an internal project, Genome, which will help reskill its employees. Within this programme, skilled employees or experts, no matter what position they hold, will be able to help other employees learn those skills.

Through this initiative, Genpact hopes to reskill its 87,000 employees. The aim is to make the workforce adaptive rather than competent.

As per the programme, employees are required to examine their existing skills, enrol for e-learning courses or other kinds of online courses offering internal or external content, and also connect and interact with people within the organisation. They also get to apply their skills to practical situations in order to strengthen their understanding.

The nodal experts within Genpact, that is, employees who are already experts and possess the knowledge required by others, facilitate learning across the organisation. These nodal experts will be responsible for lightly supervising the learning of the teams, while they actually put to practice what they have learned on actual projects.

Once the learners manage to perform the tasks to satisfaction, the experts, team leaders, and HR coaches will evaluate the level of completion and provide the appropriate skill certification to the learners.

Since the launch of the programme, Genpact has already performed skill assessment for 10,000 employees and identified more than ,600 leaders/experts in India. Skilling and reskilling of employees have been the hot topics in the technology sector of India.

Studies have shown that a gap exists between theoretical knowledge and practical skill requirements. In India, the workforce is much younger compared to the United States and European Union and these youngsters value education. Therefore, the participation level in such programmes is higher here. The cost of training is partially borne by Genpact and partially by the employees.


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