AI, ML, cybersecurity jobs available at JP Morgan Chase, India

The financial services company is gearing to hire 5,000 techies this year


JP Morgan Chase is all set to hire talent in the areas of data engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning(ML), cybersecurity and cloud computing. The American financial services firm intends to expand operations in the country, and plans to add 5,000 technologists to its India team in 2022.

The roles will be based across Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad, where about a third of the global workforce of the firm is based. Talent in the areas of big data and robotics, which will be essential to the banking sector in the near future, is also sought after.

This hiring will be in line with the Company’s increasing investment in AI, analytics and block chain.

Last year, the Company had hired 4,000 employees.

Not surprisingly, India is turning into a hub for innovation and plays a significant role in the financial service firm’s global operations. In fact, the India team comprises about 40,000 employees.

The functioning and operation of the Bank’s bot, Chase Digital Assistant, is managed and led by the India team. This bot offers banking solutions to millions of clients via the firm’s mobile app.

While hiring, the firm prefers computer science experts but also hires freshers, and those from ancillary streams through its Tech Connect programme. The new hires are trained for about two years and equips them with the right skills required to do their jobs.

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