Apple terminates employee who authored ‘sexist and racist’ book

The staff have demanded an investigation into the said misogynist author’s hiring


When Antonio Garcia Martinez joined Apple recently, he would never have thought he would lose the job so soon. His book called Chaos Monkeys became his undoing when the employees at Apple realised that it shows women in bad light. The book contains statements that show hatred towards women and people of colour, which the employees feel go against the Company’s diversity and inclusion agenda, making Martinez’s hiring questionable.

Apparently, Martinez’s autobiography was published about five years ago, wherein he calls women “soft and weak” and “generally full of shit”. The book is about his professional journey from Wall Street to the Silicon Valley, and mentions that it is dedicated to his foes. Most importantly, it is filled with statements that prove what a misogynist he is. Employees are wondering how Apple could have taken on a person whose thoughts and values go against the very culture of the Company and may actually have adversely impacted those who worked with him.

An employee shared a screen shot of the book on social media which showed the portions that demean women. Over 2000 employees signed a petition demanding an in-depth investigation into Martinez’s hiring.

Martinez, who has earlier worked as product manager at Facebook, appears to have claimed that he lied to investors during his stint as tech entrepreneur. His Reddit thread reflected this claim.

Meanwhile, Apple maintains that it will not tolerate any person who demeans or discriminates against people.

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