Cathay Pacific begins hiring local pilots

In 2020, the Airline had shut down Cathay Dragon, its regional airline, rendering hundreds of pilots jobless


The hiring of qualified pilots who possess residency rights, that is the right to live and work in Hong Kong, is part of Cathay’s long-term planning. After seven years in Hong Kong, expatriates receive permanent residency.

Ever since Cathay Dragon was shut down, pilots possessing temporary work visas have had their work visas renewed only for very short periods. However, the airline claims it has been working on visa renewals, as unlike other airlines, the majority of Cathay pilots are foreign pilots and not locals or permanent residents.

In 2020, Cathay had got its Hong Kong-based pilots to accept permanent pay cuts to protect their jobs. This had made it very difficult for the pilots to survive in Hong Kong.

The number of passengers for the Airline dropped 99.3 per cent, from what it was before the pandemic.

Pilots are now being recruited through online ads. Vacancies are available for first officers and second.

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